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Die nächste Versammlung findet am 07.09.18 im der Alten-Schmiede in Bammental statt! Nicht wie angedacht in der Rastecke B45, welche im Oktober dort stattfindet.


An der diesjährigen Hauptversammlung am 09.02.2018 wurden folgende Ämter neugewählt:

- 2. Vortsand: Matti Kettenring

- 2. Kassier: Dennis Meyer

- Beisitzer: Hans-Georg Mende, Daniel Schweda, Felix Korn

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Menu Levels & Headings

Headings h1–h3 are used for splitting up the content file. An h1, h2 or h3 heading will dynamically split the document into new pages in the table of contents. An h4, h5 or h6 heading is used as a heading within a page.

Please use only h4–h6 in the content of your CMSimple pages,
because using h1–h3 will create a new page.

Starting with CMSimple_XH 1.5 the plugin Pagemanager is included in the download. Pagemanager simplifies creating, renaming, moving and deleting of pages.

Even complete folders with subfolders can be moved or deleted with Pagemanager.

Thus it should be no problem to get rid of the contents of this standard download. Alternatively you could start with the present page structure, rename pages and overwrite the contents.